Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For the Energy Auditor

More and more people are now familiar with the term"energy audit", and that's a good thing.  With energy prices climbing, incomes shrinking, and the now undeniable (by anyone's standards) effects of global warming, we should all be getting energy audits.  Many utilities are now offering free or subsidized audits. You can do an energy audit yourself, but you will miss a lot, because a good energy auditor has a good tool bag.  He may have a blower door, an infrared camera, furnace testing equipment, etc.  Here are a few places to find that really thorough certified auditor  ENERGY STAR for Homes Partner LocatorRESNET Certified Rater Directory or FSEC's Energy Gauge Certified Building Energy Raters Directory.  
Now here's the rub - Many people who pay for the audit, and get the recommendations that are going to save them big bucks, never follow through by actually making those improvements.  Find a good insulation company, HVAC contractor, etc, and then look at your state's list to see if any rebates are being offered on the work that needs to be done. Here's a cool site for seeing what is available:  

For all of you energy auditors out there, we have just added a section on "Energy Auditing Tools" at our website